Book Review: Let’s Go to Europe

For the second week of Read and Review challenge, I choose a book from iPusnas.
Actually, I’m not sure that it is “a book”, because it’s just one short story from a book 30 Paspor di Kelas Sang Profesor. But, since it’s available at iPusnas, and it’s somewhat called “e-lite”, so, I just go with it. Hehe..

This book is about a student of Prof. Rhenald Kasali in International Marketing class. Prof. Rhenald always require his student to go abroad, see new things, take adventure, within 1.5 months. Of course, the most asked question is, “how could they get the money to go abroad?” Now, that’s the challenge. 

The story I read is about a student who choose to go to Europe. He saved money from his internship and other job, and he also received some money from his parent. Then he went to some countries in Europe.

Well, after reading this story I kind of curious to read another stories. But, on the other hand, I feel this story is just a usual travel story if not less. I thought I would find some exciting parts, or challenging event, or any unusual event. But, there's nothing really interesting. So, that’s why I want to know the other stories.

Here’s the link of the book if you want to read the book:

But first you have to install the iPusnas application.


  1. tau gak sih? pertama aku baca tulisan ini aku merasa membaca bahasa Indonesia. Terus paragraf kedua bingung "kok tumben mbk vidi nulis campur-campur sama bahasa inggris"

    Trs naik lagi aku baca keatas. Ternyata emang dari awal nulisnya bahasa inggris ternyata 😅

    Kl ngomongin buku tentang perjalanan ke Eropa itu aku teringat novel "Belok kanan Barcelona"

  2. Ihiiiyy, saking akrabnya dengan bahasa Inggris ya kan, jadi berasanya baca bahasa Indonesia..
    Iseng aja ini nulis pake bahasa Inggris..hehe..

    Klo ngmongin travel2 gitu malah aku ingetnya mba ainun..XD


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